Reach for the Stars: Triathlon or BUST!

Growing up, most little boys and girls are told that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. Want to be an astronaut? No problem! A doctor? Go for it? A teacher? You’ll be fantastic! But what happens when you grow up and it is finally possible to make those dreams a reality? The tune of the story changes.


Oh, you want to better yourself and get in shape? You’re too thin now. In fact, tell me everything you eat in a day, just to prove I’m right. You want to run far and achieve things only 1% of the population has done? WAY too hard. You’ll probably hurt yourself. Don’t even THINK about trying something as daring as a triathlon.

Back when I was 40 pounds heavier I never even dreamed of being where I am today. I’ve not only gained my life back but have also gained so much confidence and a passion for life again.  I am a 3X half marathon finisher with plans to run a full in the next year or so. I bought a bicycle last night with big plans to start training for my first sprint triathlon. I have so much confidence in myself and what my body can do with all of the changes I’ve made. Why are others so worried for me?

What ever happened to following my dreams? Just that just pertain to career aspirations? I don’t even know what to think when it comes to my loved ones telling me to just give it up and it’s not even worth trying.  Why put myself through that much pain? Reaching those huge goals seems like a far away dream in when you’re in the beginning, but it is so completely worth it. All of that work ends in success and crossing a finish line that only so many will cross in their lifetimes. Just remember to plaster on a smile and and look like you’re having the time of your life!

Without the support around me, it makes it harder to keep going. Everyone loves to see the smiling faces of their loved ones holding up silly signs throughout a race. Don’t get me wrong, I do have some wonderful supports in my life, but those that are so negative put a huge damper on my dreams.

It’s hard enough putting yourself out there and doing something that seems impossible at first. Run 26.2 miles? You want me to do what?! How far do you want me to swim? I have big dreams for myself. Yes, I want to be a teacher and have a family some day, but I also want to cross the finish line at the end of 26.2 miles and I also hope to one day call myself an Ironman. I have the motivation. I have the drive. I have the dreams. I hope those around me believe in me too.


Please don’t let others crush your dreams. YOU know what you can do. Reach for the stars. If I can lose 40 lbs and gain my life back, anyone can do it! Any little goal is worth working towards and before you know it, you’ll be there! This running girl is ready to take on her next challenge no matter what anyone else says: TRIATHLONS!

Questions for you:
1) Any advice for 1st time sprint triathlon training?
2) Did anybody ever try to tell you not to reach for your dreams?
3) What are your next big goals?

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