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A Reflection of IT442

Looking back on this past quarter, my views on how technology can be used in a classroom have certainly changed! For one, standardized testing is completely electronic nowadays. If we are not testing our students regularly using technology, is the standardized testing going to test for subject knowledge or just how to use technology? While I saw how technology could be used to play learning games (such as, I never thought about how it could be truly integrated to assist learning. There is a whole world of knowledge at the fingertips of our students. Why not let them use this when they will have the resource for the rest of their lives?
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Assessment in Technology Overview

When it comes to assessment, technology can be a strong tool to keep learning hand in hand with student progress. Not only does technology allow for immediate feedback to the teacher as well as the students using it, but it can adjust to fit the needs of the student at that time.

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Pedagogy Review – Classroom “Playlists”

I came across this article on the Cult of Pedagogy that goes into detail on using playlists as classroom differentiation. At first I was confused. Playlists? Like music? But then as I began reading the article I found it was referencing something completely different.

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Physical Environment & Bulletin Boards

Environment is everything when it comes to setting up at the beginning of the year. How you set up your classroom can create an inviting environment that lets your students know a little about you before you even begin. You don’t want to give the wrong idea about what the school year will look like or what to expect.

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Classroom Procedures, Record Keeping, and Family Interactions

The second post in this series will include some of my future plans for classroom procedures, record keeping, and family interactions. There is entirely so much to think about, even a year away from having my own classroom, that it’s nice to get some of my thoughts written down for future reference.

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Rules and Classroom Management

As a pre-service teacher I am SO excited even thinking of the prospect of setting up a future classroom. That being said, there is so much that goes in to creating a functioning classroom setting for a future room of students. I thought I would share some of my current ideas here as I come across them. Any advice or suggestions from current teachers would be highly appreciated!

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Digital Literacy in a 21st Century World

Technology brings an aspect of learning to schools and classrooms that brings to life concepts previously only seen in boring textbooks. Textbooks are not interactive and do not give students the ability to explore further. There information found in a textbook is what it is.  Through the implementation of technology, students can solve real-world problems and make connections with people elsewhere in the world. Instead of staying stuck within the pages of a book, students now have access to pretty unlimited resources online. Through multiple means of technology, the learning possibilities are endless.


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When it’s Okay to Quit – A Marathon Story

Sometimes in life things just don’t turn out the way you expect. You work hard but still don’t get the results you need to be able to continue right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue in the future, but might need to reconsider your time goals. Just because an adjustment needs to be made doesn’t mean you failed, it means your listening to your own needs and letting your health and happiness take priority.


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Diverse Teaching for a Diverse Classroom

I was told once by my Cooperative Teacher (CT) during student teaching that she often wrote the answers for certain students on tests. It wasn’t that she gave them the answer, but they dictated what they wanted to say. They struggled so much with hand-writing that in many cases the test became frustrating and overwhelming.  It wasn’t because they didn’t know the answers, but because they couldn’t write fast or accurately enough to be understood.


My CT also told me that what she does is frowned upon. That the students are expected to be able to write their own answers. If it’s something they struggle with, though, why shouldn’t an accommodation of some kind be allowed? Unless it is a hand-writing test, writing the answers dictated by a struggling student shouldn’t be considered cheating. To really get a full understanding of a student’s comprehension level, there is only a need to hear their thoughts.

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Food Pyramid Lesson Plan

Teacher:   _Julie Heffernan__ Subject/Lesson Title: __Food Pyramid___   Grade:   __1/2__

 Curriculum Context/Rationale: The students have not yet had exposure to any nutrition related lessons so far this year. This will be the first of several lessons taught on nutritional needs. This is a Standards-driven, teacher-created lesson. Students might have had exposure in the past through adult influences outside of school or physical education classes. This lesson is important as it is a foundation for future lessons on the topic and will help students learn about healthy eating habits.

 EALRs/GLEs/PEs/Common Core Standards:

Match foods to food groups. H1.N1.1a

 Short Term Learning Targets/Objective(s) for This Lesson: Given a labeled food pyramid, students will draw or write the name of at least one item per food group with 80% accuracy.


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