Gluten and Dairy Free — A Lifestyle Change

In the past, I have always had issues with food. Yes, in the sense that I binge ate, but more so that a lot of foods caused stomach pain and bloat. Did I care? Not really! But why put myself through that? I have no idea. Food lasts a few moments in your mouth but can result in hours of uncomfortable stomach pain.

I did the Whole 30 in January 2017. Through that experiment I confirmed that I might not do so well with dairy and with gluten. Did I do anything about it? I continued to eat ice cream and pizza to my hearts content. I continued to ignore the pain and eat what made me happy short term. Not a good choice.

For the past two weeks now I have decided to go dairy and gluten free. There are SO many options out there now to find items such as bread or cheese and yogurt that fit my new lifestyle. It’s amazing the difference I feel. No more pain after eating. No more uncomfortable bloat to deal with. It was an immediate change and relief for me.


For so long I wasn’t willing to let go of the foods that made me so happy. Did they really make me happy though when they caused so much pain? I don’t think so.

I’m excited to keep trying new options that I’ve been finding at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and even Fred Meyer! Cauliflower Crust Dairy Free pizza? Yes please! I can still enjoy my pizza. Based upon the Daiya products I can’t even really tell the difference! I’ve already made a delicious Enchilada Casserole and it passed the taste test! If anything, Daiya mozzarella is even creamier than regular cheese.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown and of change hold you back from living your best life. Just because you’re taking away one thing you may think you can’t live without doesn’t mean you’re not going to find something even better in the long run. Listen to your body and don’t ignore signs of pain and distress.

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