Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry


Lately I have been trying to branch out and try new foods. For most of my life, for example, I refused to eat beef. I didn’t have anything against it, I just couldn’t handle the texture when I was younger, especially with burgers. While I still can’t do beef burgers now, I am starting to enjoy other dishes involving beef.

This recipe was husband approved and we were both sad when it was gone. I’ll definitely be repeating in the future! 

First, I chopped up the stew meat I bought from Whole Foods into smaller bites. One of my weird things with beef is that if it is already in chunks they need to be small chunks. When at Whole Foods, I simply bought the stew meat from the deli counter. I also found packs in the pre-packaged section. Once the stew meat was chopped smaller, I added it to a zip lock bag along with enough marinade to cover it. I left this to marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

The next evening when I was ready to get cooking I chopped up my fingerling potatoes into slices. I first cooked these in my air fryer for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. These cooked while I made everything else.

Then, I wanted to steam my broccoli to get it slightly softened before cooking it in my frying pan. I had bought bags of broccoli from Whole Foods that were steamable to make this easier. I was able to pop each bag in the microwave for 5 minutes. While the broccoli and potatoes cooked, I pulled my marinated beef out of the fridge. I added the beef to a frying pan at medium-high and cooked it until all of the edges were browned. At that time I also added two cloves of garlic to the pan to brown.

Once the beef and garlic were cooked I added the steamed broccoli into the pan as well as about 1/4 cup of the Ginger Pineapple Teriyaki sauce. I let that simmer, stirring occasionally, until the broccoli had wilted more. Once the broccoli was cooked to my liking I was able to remove the pan from heat and add in the cooked fingerling potatoes from the air fryer.

I was SHOCKED at how good this turned out since I just winged it with the ingredients at Whole Foods. I will definitely be experimenting more soon! I would love to start building up my own set of recipes!


Servings: 6 servings

– 1 lb beef stew meat
– 16 oz fingerling potatoes
– 2 lbs broccoli
– 8 oz Rub with Love Ginger Pineapple Teriyaki sauce
– 2 cloves garlic

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