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When it’s Okay to Quit – A Marathon Story

Sometimes in life things just don’t turn out the way you expect. You work hard but still don’t get the results you need to be able to continue right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue in the future, but might need to reconsider your time goals. Just because an adjustment needs to be made doesn’t mean you failed, it means your listening to your own needs and letting your health and happiness take priority.


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Diverse Teaching for a Diverse Classroom

I was told once by my Cooperative Teacher (CT) during student teaching that she often wrote the answers for certain students on tests. It wasn’t that she gave them the answer, but they dictated what they wanted to say. They struggled so much with hand-writing that in many cases the test became frustrating and overwhelming.  It wasn’t because they didn’t know the answers, but because they couldn’t write fast or accurately enough to be understood.


My CT also told me that what she does is frowned upon. That the students are expected to be able to write their own answers. If it’s something they struggle with, though, why shouldn’t an accommodation of some kind be allowed? Unless it is a hand-writing test, writing the answers dictated by a struggling student shouldn’t be considered cheating. To really get a full understanding of a student’s comprehension level, there is only a need to hear their thoughts.

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Food Pyramid Lesson Plan

Teacher:   _Julie Heffernan__ Subject/Lesson Title: __Food Pyramid___   Grade:   __1/2__

 Curriculum Context/Rationale: The students have not yet had exposure to any nutrition related lessons so far this year. This will be the first of several lessons taught on nutritional needs. This is a Standards-driven, teacher-created lesson. Students might have had exposure in the past through adult influences outside of school or physical education classes. This lesson is important as it is a foundation for future lessons on the topic and will help students learn about healthy eating habits.

 EALRs/GLEs/PEs/Common Core Standards:

Match foods to food groups. H1.N1.1a

 Short Term Learning Targets/Objective(s) for This Lesson: Given a labeled food pyramid, students will draw or write the name of at least one item per food group with 80% accuracy.


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Reach for the Stars: Triathlon or BUST!

Growing up, most little boys and girls are told that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. Want to be an astronaut? No problem! A doctor? Go for it? A teacher? You’ll be fantastic! But what happens when you grow up and it is finally possible to make those dreams a reality? The tune of the story changes.


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Leavenworth Magic!

If anyone knows me they know I love being outdoors and in the magic of nature. While summer brings long hikes and camping, winter brings the magic of snow when the whole world turns white and sparkles. One of my very favorite traditions with my boyfriend has been to visit Leavenworth at the beginning of December each year to see the Christmas Lighting Festival. It is so very magical and beautiful and takes my breath away each and every time.

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Running into Problems

When it comes to running, I definitely have a love-hate relationship.  It takes a lot to get me going and even when I’m out there I usually am hating life for the first mile or so. That being said, I spent a lot of time training for my first marathon in the spring and summer of 2016.  Did I run the marathon? No. Did I try my best? Of course I did!

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Ketchikan Adventures

As previously stated, I took a two week Alaska cruise recently. This might just be my new favorite place. I knew I’d enjoy myself but was completely in awe of the untouched beauty present in so much of this vast state.

We boarded the ship on a sunny Monday in Seattle, Washington. Not knowing what to expect, we headed out for about two days at sea, reaching Ketchikan as our first port of call. As we pulled in to port, we were able to see the Alaskan houses along the shoreline and even a deer swimming in the ocean (a fisherman was trying to heard it back to shore as we passed).

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I can eat on vacation?!

Vacations can cause many disruptions to a normally healthy lifestyle. It can be hard to stay on track when there are so many wonderful temptations in front of you. When it comes to vacations, it is all about balance.

Recently, I took a two week cruise to Alaska on Holland America Line. If you know anything about cruises it’s all the food, all the time. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had not gained ANY weight when I returned home. This is saying a lot when, for two weeks, I ate anything and everything I wanted. How did I do it, you ask? Balance and priorities.

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1st Time Half-Marathoner!

Hi all!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m going to try to do better – I PROMISE!

Over the past six months I started running seriously again. I always start my training and quit for some reason or another after just a few weeks! This time, however, I was determined to have a different outcome. This time I wouldn’t let myself quit because of timing issues. This time I wouldn’t let myself quit because of self doubt. This time there would be no excuses.

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Hostile Gym Environment

I’ve been going to LA fitness since August. At first I was intimidated in the free weights section but have slowly gained my footing. Everyone has always been very friendly and even helpful if needed. Recently, I moved from Seattle to Lynnwood and so I switched to an LA fitness facility in Lynnwood. I’ve been going for a few weeks now and everything had been great so far. It seems to be less crowded and has more equipment. It typically is pretty clean and has most equipment in working order.  On top of that, the fellow gym-goers are always friendly and give a wave. I had been loving it until last night…

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