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Diverse Teaching for a Diverse Classroom

I was told once by my Cooperative Teacher (CT) during student teaching that she often wrote the answers for certain students on tests. It wasn’t that she gave them the answer, but they dictated what they wanted to say. They struggled so much with hand-writing that in many cases the test became frustrating and overwhelming.  It wasn’t because they didn’t know the answers, but because they couldn’t write fast or accurately enough to be understood.


My CT also told me that what she does is frowned upon. That the students are expected to be able to write their own answers. If it’s something they struggle with, though, why shouldn’t an accommodation of some kind be allowed? Unless it is a hand-writing test, writing the answers dictated by a struggling student shouldn’t be considered cheating. To really get a full understanding of a student’s comprehension level, there is only a need to hear their thoughts.

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Food Pyramid Lesson Plan

Teacher:   _Julie Heffernan__ Subject/Lesson Title: __Food Pyramid___   Grade:   __1/2__

 Curriculum Context/Rationale: The students have not yet had exposure to any nutrition related lessons so far this year. This will be the first of several lessons taught on nutritional needs. This is a Standards-driven, teacher-created lesson. Students might have had exposure in the past through adult influences outside of school or physical education classes. This lesson is important as it is a foundation for future lessons on the topic and will help students learn about healthy eating habits.

 EALRs/GLEs/PEs/Common Core Standards:

Match foods to food groups. H1.N1.1a

 Short Term Learning Targets/Objective(s) for This Lesson: Given a labeled food pyramid, students will draw or write the name of at least one item per food group with 80% accuracy.


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Crockpot Turkey Chili

I’ve never been one to do much cooking. Fast food or top ramen was always so much easier and tasted just fine. I knew I needed to make a change though, if I was going to live healthier.

Heres my start to much healthier eating:

Turkey Chili is amazing in the winter and warms you right up. Besides some prepping, it’s so easy to just throw everything in the crockpot and let it cook all day. I prepped my ground turkey and veggies the night before so that I could just throw everything in on my lunch break. It sure made my apartment smell delicious all day and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.


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